Our Story

Sara and I have always been animal people.  We both grew up owning dogs and cats with exposure to horses but never had any horses of our own.  In the Summer of 2016 our journey into horse ownership began when we decided to support The Livestock Conservancy in their mission to save heritage breeds.  After looking over and researching the list of critically endangered horses we were left puzzled after reading about the Cleveland Bay.  The Cleveland Bay is a warmblood with excellent temperament and extreme versatility but has such a low worldwide population.  We just didn’t understand how such a beautiful horse with so many uses could be critically endangered.  This was enough for us to try and find a farm where we could go see Cleveland Bays.  To our delight there were many farms within a 2 hour drive from our home in Virginia.  After our first visit we decided that this was going to be the breed for us.  In May of 2017 we made it official and purchased our foundation Cleveland Bay broodmare.  We are excited and dedicated to producing pure bred Cleveland Bay horses in order to ensure a secure future for the breed.
Kevin and Sara Lewis

Ginger 11-17(2)